Over the past few years, Jacksonville bed bugs infestations have been increasing. These bloodsuckers are found everywhere, including hotel rooms, homes, hospitals, and offices, and transporting bed bugs from place to place without notice makes it difficult to know you have bed bugs until certain symptoms, such as bite marks, become evident.


Bed bugs are brown insects about the size of an apple seed with an oval body than can change shape if they’ve recently fed. These parasites only feed on blood, and the common bed bug prefers human blood to that of other animals. After being bitten, you will most likely find what appears to be a red, itchy rash on the parts of your body that are generally exposed when you sleep, including legs, arms, and hands, as well as the face, neck, and shoulders.

There are some health threats associated with bed bug infestations. Bites can take up to a day or so to show symptoms and often look like a rash, so people aren’t always aware they are dealing with a bed bug infestation. Because the bites are itchy, they may lead to secondary infection, especially in children and the elderly.

Photo of Bed Bug


Bed bugs have flat bodies that allow them to squeeze into small spaces. They prefer to live in and around beds because it gives them easy access to their preferred food source...people. This means their first choices are mattresses, box springs, headboards, and bed frames. While it’s true that you will most likely see bed bugs infesting a bedroom, if they are in your home long enough, they will move to other areas.

Since bed bugs are nocturnal, you may never see one during the day. They enjoy tight spaces and lay their eggs in cracks, crevices, and wall voids. However, they will feed during the day if the room is darkened and the host is mostly still. While many of the bed bugs behavior mimics that of a German roach, the main difference is that the German roach will usually run away from humans, while the bed bug will usually run to a human.


Female bed bugs lay hundreds of eggs that become glued to objects, including pet fur and bird feathers. One of the first steps to controlling bed bugs is thoroughly cleaning up the infested areas of your home. However, completely getting rid of bed bugs usually requires the help of professional exterminators who are trained in the proper application of safe, but effective insecticides. Professional bed bug remediation is a complicated process that includes a thorough inspection and treatment of many areas, including:

  • Mattress Seams
  • Bed Frames
  • Baseboards
  • Picture Frames
  • Outlet Covers
  • Switch Plates
  • Cracks

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