Pest Control


Pest Control from experienced technicians. We service residential and commercial properties. Our pest control services cover a variety of annoying animals, including cockroaches, earwigs, ground beetles, fleas & tick, spiders, and more. Our tailored treatment plans provide year-round pest protection. Learn more about Knockout Pest Control's pest control services here.

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Rodent Control


Rodent Control is one of the most important services we provide at Knockout Pest Control. Rats, mice, and other rodents are drawn to Florida's warm climate. Rodents are a problem year-round here, which is why our rodent control comes with emergency hours. Find out more here.

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Bed Bugs


Eliminate Bed Bugs from your home by using Knockout Pest Control. Bed bugs are a recent, annoying addition to Jacksonville's pest problems. Knockout Pest Control's exterminators treat everywhere bed bugs hide to ensure that your bed bug problem will not happen again.

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Termite Treatment


Termite Treatments from the expert exterminators at Knockout Pest Control saves you time and money. Termites in Florida start their colonies in the ground. But, they will work their way into your home and can eat away at foundations and frames. Our termite extermination services remove every last member of the termite colony on your property.

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Local, Family-Owned Pest Control in Jacksonville Florida

Local, Family-Owned Pest Control in Jacksonville Florida

In addition to being an annoyance and an inconvenience, pests also pose serious health risks. At Knock Out Pest Control, we have more than 20 years of experience in getting rid of termites, cockroaches, spiders, bed bugs, and rodents. We provide pest control services to the greater Jacksonville, FL, area, including Orange Park, St. Augustine, and Jacksonville Beach. We service all types of properties, from residential to industrial.

We treat every case with care and precision to ensure your utmost satisfaction.

From cockroaches to bed bugs, Knockout Pest Control offers effective, safe, and reliable exterminator services to get the job done. Hear from our actual customers about how we helped them solve their pest problems quickly and expertly.

As you can see form the videos, at Knockout Pest Control we treat our customers like family. You will always speak to a real person when you call our Jacksonville office. And, our initial inspections and estimate are free. Your time is valuable, and our family at Knockout Pest Control values your time and business.

We specialize in treating a number of Jacksonville pests. Each pest comes with its own treatment plan, which you can find in the services pages. Some of the pests we can remove from your home or business include cockroaches, ants, bees, earwigs, fleas, termites, and small animals.

While there are different treatment options for each pest, our extermination process remains the same. We start with the inspection, move to the consultation, and finally end with the elimination process. Every pest control plan is customized to your unique situation.

At Knockout Pest Control, our extermination services are fast, efficient, and will get the job done. We believe in our pest control, which is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for a full year after our services are complete. If you have another pest problem, we will treat it fast and at no extra cost.