Bee Removal

Knock Out Pest Control offers bee removal services to help you control feral bees in and around your home or business.

Dealing with Feral Bees

There’s no question that bees can be helpful. They give us honey and pollinate our flowers and other plants. But a feral bee colony too close to residences and businesses can quickly become a nuisance.

Bees usually like to get their food in the form of nectar or pollen, but they are drawn to any type of sweet substance. That can be juice, syrup, or soda which can be commonly found in the garbage bins of homes and businesses. The closer feral bees come to humans, the more likely they are to sting.

Professional Bee Hive Removal Services

It's a good idea to leave bee hive removal to the experts. Occasionally, feral bees will swarm and send out scouts to find a new place to build a hive. If you don’t act quickly, that could be the walls or chimney of your home. Once a bee colony settles into your home, the insects can become more aggressive as they work to defend their new hive. This makes dealing with a hive yourself tricky.

Hives can be difficult to find, especially if they’re in the walls of your home. Knock Out removes nuisance bees from your property and helps you prevent additional swarms from building hives in your structures.