Earwig Control

Knock Out Pest Control’s exterminators help home and business owners get rid of earwig infestations.

Earwig Infestations

While earwigs look scary, they are harmless to humans and pets since they rarely bite. It’s unlikely you will have an earwig infestation in your home. However, because these insects like moist soil, you may see them inside near houseplants.

Since some earwigs eat plants, you may want to take the plant outside and try to gently shake off any infects. Don’t forget to inspect the soils and remove any eggs before bringing the plant back into the house. If you are still seeing earwigs in your home, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Protecting Outdoor Plants from Earwigs

You are more likely to see earwigs outside your home. They tend to eat vegetation, which means they can damage your garden or the landscaping around your home or office if left alone.

Protecting your landscaping and garden is more than just getting rid of an existing earwig infestation. It’s important to make sure you prevent further infestations with the help of a treatment plan from Knock Out Pest Control.