Flea Treatment & Control

The experienced team at Knock Out Pest Control can provide you with safe and effective flea treatments for your house.

Do you have a flea problem?

Itchy red bumps on your ankles or a pet that can’t stop scratching are usually the first signs you may have fleas. If you notice your dog or cat constantly grooming or even losing fur on their hindquarters, you may have a serious infestation on your hands.

Flea Control in the House

When you, your family, and your pets are itchy from bites, getting rid of the fleas in your house is a high priority. Since adult fleas are the ones that cause the most discomfort, most treatments focus on killing them. However, treating for earlier stages in the flea life cycle, like eggs and larvae, is the key to eliminating an infestation.

The exterminators at Knock Out Pest Control can help you develop a treatment plan that addresses an infestation at all stages of a flea’s life cycle. While controlling fleas in your house is a good first step to eliminating an infestation, it may also be necessary to discuss fleas on your pet with your veterinarian.

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