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Flea Control

Anyone with pets in their Jacksonville, Florida home should consider flea control. These annoying insects love to hitch a ride on your pets and find their way into your home. Once there, they will bite any mammal they can get a hold of, and they are extremely hard to eradicate. If you have or want to prevent fleas you only have one option, call professional flea control professional like Knockout Pest Control right now.

How to identify flea

Fleas are so small that they may be hard for some people to identify. They are typically only 1/12 to 1/6 inch long. That’s small. Since they are so tiny, you will likely not be able to make out their body shape, but their reddish-brown color will be visible. If you see small, red dots moving around on your arms or legs or animals, then you likely have a flea problem.

Fleas feed on warm blood, and so attach themselves to a warm-blooded animal. There are a number of different types of flea species that are usually named after the animal they prefer to feed from. You will find cat, dog, human, and oriental rat fleas, to name a few. All fleas attach to their host to feed and lay eggs. The eggs can then roll off the host to lay in wait in your floorboards, furniture, or clothes. This is why fleas can be so hard to get rid of and require help from a flea control specialist.

Flea dangers

Although flea bites themselves are not dangerous to humans or animals, fleas are known for their ability to spread disease. In fact, fleas are responsible for the Bubonic plague as well as murine typhus. Pets may get tapeworms and become anemic through flea bites. Not all fleas spread disease, but why take the chance? If you even suspect that your Jacksonville home has fleas, you need to hire flea treatment services.

Plus, fleas leave red, itchy bites on your skin and make your pets itch themselves constantly. Some people are highly allergic to flea bites. While this condition is not life-threatening, it does mean that you should protect the people in your home by using professional flea control.

How to get rid of fleas

The best way to get rid of fleas is to call in the professionals. We recommend consulting your family veterinarian if you suspect that your pet has fleas on them. But, in the Jacksonville area, you can do no better than Knockout Pest Control for flea extermination. We are a family owned company with a 28-year history of excellence.

When you call Knockout Pest Control for you residential or business flea treatment, you will receive fast and efficient service. Our customized flea control plans ensure that fleas are destroyed at all stages of their life cycle. Thus, we do not only treat for adult fleas, but exterminate flea eggs and larvae as well.

Try Knockout Pest Control today and never worry about fleas again.

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