We have two decades of experience in rodent control, and offer after hour emergency services. Over the years, we have provided top notch rodent exclusion services to homes, as well as commercial accounts including food handling and public storage businesses.

Why You Need a Rodent Control Professional

Did you know that a litter from one rodent can result in nine new rodents, that will multiply and lead to a much larger infestation? This is why it’s immensely important to call Knockout Pest Elimination at the first sign of rodents in your home or business.

Living in the southeast region has some major advantages, not only for humans, but for rodents as well. The various bodies of water, whether it be the ocean, the river, lakes or even retention ponds, make it a habitat that is quite conducive to these creatures. It provides them with both a food and a water source. Once they find this desired location, they then try to find a place for shelter and a place for breeding.


Your family could be in danger of becoming sick. Besides leaving a noticeable stench, rodent droppings and urine also pose health issues. Rats and mice carry viruses, and spread disease. With a rodent infestation, your family or customers could become ill.